Welcome to Brovold Community Orchard!

We are a privately-owned nonprofit community orchard serving Alberton, Montana and surrounding communities. The orchard was established in 1982 by Norman Brovold, whose family has owned this property since 1952. Norman grew up during the Great Depression, and he never wanted his friends and neighbors to experience the hardship and hunger he endured then. So, from it’s very beginning, Brovold Orchard was meant to exist for the benefit of the entire community. Today, we are expanding that tradition by not only managing the orchard as a source of fruit for friends and neighbors, but as a venue for youth and adult education and a setting for many types of community events.

We invite you to come along on our journey. Visit us in person if you can. If you can’t, then follow our activities on this website and our Brovold Orchard Facebook page. We hope the good work we’re doing at Brovold Community Orchard will not only be interesting to you but will be inspiring as well.




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