Volunteer Opportunities at Brovold Orchard

At Brovold Orchard, we are often asked how people can help with our efforts to serve the Alberton community. One of the best ways to help is by volunteering your time to assist with routine orchard tasks or one-time projects. This provides an opportunity to get some exercise in the fresh air while learning about the orchard and all we are doing there. Here is a list of current volunteer opportunities you may want to consider.


Volunteer Opportunities

                                                                        Winter          Spring          Summer           Fall

Pile pruned branches for burning                        X

Mowing                                                                                     X                  X

Weedeating                                                                              X                  X

Help maintain the drip irrigation system                                                       X

Pick up and dispose of windfallen fruit                                                                             X

Help construct a rail fence around the orchard                        X                  X                  X

Help build a gravel walking path                                              X                  X                  X

Make a “Bird List” for the orchard                       X                   X                  X                  X

Take high quality photos of the orchard              X                   X                  X                  X

Take and edit video of orchard activities             X                   X                  X                  X

Be “on call” when we need an extra hand                                X                  X                  X


How to Volunteer

Contact us to let us know your interest. You can message us on Facebook @BrovoldOrchard, email us at brovoldorchard@gmail.com, or call us at 406-529-5057. Before you start work, we’ll ask you to sign a short volunteer agreement. That’s it! We hope you’ll come and join us in making Brovold Orchard a great place for the entire Alberton community.




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