Public Use

Public use of the orchard has always been, and always will be, an important element of Brovold Community Orchard's existence. When Norman Brovold planted the orchard years ago, his vision was to share this treasure with his friends and neighbors in Alberton. His vision lives on today as we encourage a variety of public uses, including those below.

Fruit Picking

The public is welcome to pick fruit from the orchard in season, pending availability. Watch for notifications on our Facebook page when the fruit is ripe and ready to pick. To help us keep track of who is using the orchard and when, we require a free picking permit. The self-issuing permits are available online when the fruit is ready to pick. For those without Internet access, we will issue permits in person. To obtain a permit in person, make contact with us as shown on the "Contact Us" page.



Day-use Recreation

The opportunities for recreational use of the orchard are limited at the present time, but this is something we hope to  expand in the future. Our vision includes a hiking trail, park benches, a picnic shelter, and some interesting displays of antique equipment. In the meantime, if you want to watch the birds, photograph the wildflowers, or view the mountain sunsets that are scenic orchard attractions, contact us and we can likely accommodate your request. Please note that unaccompanied minors are not permitted in the orchard for safety reasons.

Private Events

Are you looking for a place to hold your wedding, have a family reunion picnic, or other small private event? Our facilities for holding events are sparse right now, but in the future we plan to build a nice combination gazebo, picnic shelter, and stage that will be perfect for small groups. There will likely be a small fee for using the facilities that will go towards their maintenance.

Sponsored Events

A Fall cider pressing day for school children has been going on for many years, and we are now beginning to sponsor other events in the orchard as well. An open house and property history presentation was held this spring, as well as a high school graduating senior luncheon. Watch for an event in conjunction with Railroad Day in July. In the future, we think there are many opportunities for small concerts, dramatic presentations, and many other types of entertaining community events.


The orchard is an excellent venue for both youth and adult education. Our partnership with Alberton School District makes many types of educational events possible. We expect this will include field classes for school children, work/study opportunities and possibly summer employment for high schoolers, and classes on many outdoor topics for adults. We kicked off the adult classes last winter with a session on "How to Properly Prune Your Apple Tree." If you have ideas for future classes, we'd like to hear from you!

Please Be Aware!

While we try to minimize restrictions on the public's use of the orchard, whenever the public is permitted to use private land there must be a few rules to help maintain relationships. Please respect our private property by adhering to these rules.

1. A permit is required for picking fruit and for any private events held in the orchard.

2. Minors unaccompanied by an adult are not permitted in the orchard.

3. Please do not leave trash or other items in the orchard. Pack it in, pack it out.

4. Do not climb on the fruit trees, as this could damage them. Do not cut or carve any parts of a fruit tree.

5. Do not damage any orchard infrastructure, such as irrigation systems, trails, fences, parking areas, benches, bird baths, etc.

6. Do not drive motorized vehicles in the orchard.


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